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Ravenous Reader on Web of Angels

“That must be a heckuva book,” the elderly man said. He stood before me, hand in hand with his lady friend, as they walked the boardwalk on an afternoon constitutional.

“It definitely is,” I answered, emerging from my reverie.

“I bet it’s a love story,” he said with a smile.

“Well, not exactly – not a conventional love story.” I held the book up so he could see the title. “It’s called Web of Angels and the author is Canadian…

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Posted in Interviews & Reviews--Web Of Angels

Web of Angels in a Literary Salon

Web of Angels, goes further than any novel I think I’ve ever read in dramatising the strange brilliance of inner life…a novel that deals with the most commonplace of lives and manages to show the rich complexity that lies behind them…And I found it immensely moving…This is…what literature was designed for…”

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