Mysterious Female Pilot Comes to Life

Nattel has said that Girl At the Edge of Sky took all her “skill in research and writing craft to bring to life this fictionalized story based on the real (Second) World War female fighter pilot.” Given that her skill is considerable and her craft formidable, the readers are the great beneficiaries. Lily Litvyak does indeed come to full animated life in a suspenseful, heart-rending story that is difficult to put down…

Girl at the Edge of Sky is rich with history and fictional engagement… Whether describing the young fighter pilot’s many riveting air battles or creating the stomach-churning tension in the young prisoner’s many perilous predicaments, Nattel is superb. Thus we see Lily being cynical and inspiring, vulnerable or hard-as-nails, trembling or courageous.

Nattel has created a work that conveys the immeasurably important message that an individual’s true stature is measured by factors more compelling than physique, gender, ethnicity, colour of skin or religion.
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–Mordechai Ben-Dat, Book Review, CJN

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Author: Lilian
Lilian Nattel is the author of Only Sisters, Girl at the Edge of Sky, Web of Angels, The Singing Fire, and The River Midnight. She lives in Toronto, Canada, in a tall narrow house with a chef-master intellectual.

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