On Embarrassment

I had a housemate, once, with a mean cat. At the start of every summer, she’d have her cat shaved so he wouldn’t overheat. I always had to watch out for Rocky, her cat. He had a habit of leaping up to bite my legs. He also used to torment my cat, growling and swatting with his claws.

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Supporting Your Dreams

From Imprint at University of Waterloo: Lilian Nattel, bestselling author of Web of Angels, could not be more supportive of striking out to live your dreams…"If you have a dream, pursue it. If there is something that is creative within you, do it. And don’t let anything stand in your way or stop you,” said Nattel. “Yes, you have to…

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Web of Angels: Thinking Is Free

“Some books grab you by the throat from the first sentence: Web of Angels is one of those books.” Says Pamela Detlor. Read it in The Thought Vox.

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