Approaching Spring Equinox

Day and night are nearly even, but the world feels darker. It’s their turn, I tell myself. People who feel cheated, left out, they’ve got representation. I’m not talking about Trump and his circle, but our Canadian version, Doug Ford, leading the Conservatives in Ontario. His brother was an early example of of crass populism, our drugged up Toronto mayor, paving the way. Continue reading “Approaching Spring Equinox”

Unlikely Saints

It’s been about a year since I went to emergency with my hockey playing concussed daughter. At the time, all that concerned me was her head, but I instinctively sat between her and the homeless man. Beside him, on the other side, was an old man and a middle-aged woman, his daughter I assumed. I felt sorry for the old man, having to sit next to the homeless guy, not because he smelled, which he did, but because he was edgy, unpredictable. Continue reading “Unlikely Saints”