Pre-Order Girl at the Edge of Sky

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Girl at the Edge of Sky has been a labour of love–it’s taken all my skill in research and writing craft to bring to life this fictionalized story based on the real World War 2 female fighter pilot Lily Litvyak. She was short (like me), young (teenager) and shot down Nazi planes in the fiercest battles of the war. She loved flowers, she had secrets, and her fate is a matter of rumours and contradictions. Perfect for fiction to imagine her journey in enemy territory after her plane was shot down.

I’m honoured that my new novel has been given a “Most Anticipated” book promotion by Indigo for pre-orders, 40% off from July 15-21! Out in the wild on August 27th! Click here for the discount to pre-order! Thank you Indigo Books! You’ve always been my favourite.

Official pub date is August 27/19